Crane rental

Crane rental is one of the core activities of the company. We are putting to rent cranes of various dimensions and capacities. Cusotmers can rent self-erecting or top-slewing cranes Potain. Use our tool CRANE CONFIGURATOR to configure the crane you need for your construction project.

Our biggest concern and responsibilty is the saftey at jobsite, therefore all our cranes are regulary maintained before putting them to rent, as well as during the rental period. Monthly check-ups are a MUST. You are welcome to contact us for the crane offer >>

Consult the Crane Configurator

Selling Potain tower cranes is one of our main activities. Consult our promotional offer of self-erecting and top-slewing cranes. All the cranes for sale are refurbished, well maintained and therefore in a very good condition. You will also find the used Haki scaffolding for sale.

Crane sales

Mounting and dismantling of cranes

Our skilled technical team, regulary trained and certified, always ensures that mounting, dismantling and maintenance of tower cranes are in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and all safety standards.

Along with the mountings and dismantlings of Ferokov cranes, our team also ensures the mountings and dismantlings of customer’s cranes of the brand Potain. Prior to every mounting a control of the jobsite is obligatory. To perform an adequate mounting procedure and provide an optimal crane activity, the customer is obliged to prepare the jobsite as follows:

  • perform the control of ground stability and provide the ground stability certificate
  • provide  the appropriate ground prior to crane mounting
  • clean and prepare the entrance trails for the crane transport
  • make space at the jobsite for crane mounting
  • provide the independant electric connection for the crane operation

In case of a defect of a crane our trained team ensures to solve it as soon as possible. For this purpose there is a permanent supply of original spare parts to be replaced in case of a defect. We ensure within 24-hour-time that the operating of the crane on the construction site continues.

Regular service and maintenance of the cranes is to be performed to ensure the safe crane operation. With regluar check ups we are able to avoid major faults in crane operation, therefore we check upon our cranes on monthly basis.  Our response time to crane faults is instant and depending on available of spare parts we enable the reparation in 24 or max 48 hours.

The metodology that our technical team uses for the monthly check-ups is recommended by the manufacturer of the Potain cranes and includes among others the following operations:

  • Visual overview of the crane state
  • Crane stability control
  • Crane nivelation
  • Lubrication of the crane ropes
  • Lurbication of the crane ring for slewing
  • Control of the crane rope state
  • Control of the cable state and cable fuses

Service and maintenance

Crane transport and logistics

Complete logistics and crane transport is managed by our team. In our crane fleet there are a few trucksalong with trailers. When necessary we cooperate with external reliable transport companies. Best service, best prices. Fast and efficient!

Do you own a tower crane Potain and need a support in mounting or servicing your crane? We will be glad to give you a hand!

For the customers with Potain cranes in the fleet Ferokov performs mountings, dismantlings, service and maintenance of the cranes. We will be glad to provide you also the original spare parts for your Potain crane. The parts will be distributed and installed on your crane as fast as possible.

Service and maintenance of the customer’s cranes

Crane operator training

Are you interested in working as a crane operator? Would you like to pass the crane operator exam and gain the certificate?

Complete training is performed in our premises, both theoretical and practical part. Theoretical part consists of getting to know a crane, of safety at work and basic standards for manipulating the crane. Practical part consists of a certain number of hours for manipulating in conducting a crane depending on the crane operator’s knowledge and ability.

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